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Selenium as UI Testing Tool

UI Testing

There are lots of different places the software being tested like smaller units, seeing how methods work together, fully formed APIs, simple scenarios in the UI, and complex product usage. All of these layers are important.

UI Testing help us to know things from a different users perspective.

Selenium Testing Tool

The real events in the browser: mouse clicks, button clicks, entering text, and events from the keyboard are triggered by the WebDriver object. Here are the below listed are the reasons for using WebDriver.

Building Automated Checks

The tools that are used to drive a specific set of commands and check status—to see if the user is logged in, if the book goes into the shopping cart, or if a transaction processes is provided by Selenium suite.

This includes checks to make sure that a page contains buttons or labels, data that has been created saved correctly, different aspects of the software under test work accurately, or other attributes of the product.

WebDriver presents a report with the number of assertions, the ones passing and failing, and where the errors occur.

Once checks have been completed, so that they can run them once or many times and it can be used as a tool to discover problems, or even unexpected changes, between builds.

This process of scripting and executing the sripts multiple times will uncover important issues that are not noticed.

An End for Repetitive and Long-Running Tasks

A repetitive and very long task which is expensive (in terms of time, which means money) is difficult for people to get through. Humans lose focus and concentration by doing the same work every time, which leads to mistakes. In other case Scripts don't make mistakes; they do the exact same thing multiple times.

Selenium helps in creating hundreds of slightly different users or gigabytes of data in a realistic way,

Management Said So

Sometimes, the choice of tool will not be in our hands and the manager may decide the tool as it solves the problems. Because you should be using that new tool to solve the testing bottleneck for your project.

Selenium can help solve some testing problems and the manager’s may be right and the questions need to be asked to make sure:

· What problem are we trying to solve?

· Can this tool facilitate the expectations appropriate for the work?

· Is this tool suitable for the product and how the teams work?

· Are we ready to build and support another software project?

This will help to figure out the motivations and will help to set reasonable expectations for what to do and help frame your achievements as a success.

What Not Another Tool?

There are lots of tools available for testing the UI and why should we choose this tool

Growing Browser Support

As the WebDriver implementations comes from the browser makers the W3C WebDriver specification will be finalized soon. And there is no need to worry about browser upgrades that is breaking the tests. A specification means that vendors will set updates of their WebDriver implementation along with new browser versions.

Huge Support System

Selenium is an open source tool is one of the popular testing frameworks in the world. This means community involvement makes all changes that happen in the project and helps in getting rid of problems. Instead going for purchased maintenance and submitting a support ticket, we can go for any of a number of forums, even straight to the developers of our choice.

Fully Featured

Selenium development meets the needs and desires of the community that uses it. You can easily see the newest features available and what is coming soon by looking at the code repo. If making a feature request isn't fast enough, we can always write the code and can submit a pull request for our self.

Something to Watch Out For

Commercial software may not always perform better or be more fully featured, but they do have support teams at bay.

it's important to consider what is important to your project first as tools and frameworks can be difficult and time-consuming to switch from once you have made an investment.


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