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Real Time Project Execution course - Online Training

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.NET Project Execution Course
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Real Time Project Execution Course ( Online Training ) Details:

Project will be executed by trainer in corporate standards, so that trainee will get best live/real time project experience. It helps members to understand more on real time project execution in any of the organization it also helps you to attend interviews more confidently.


Real Time Project Execution Course Details

.Net Project Execution
60 days
Demo Class
See below

This project execution involves below major tasks.

  1. Explanation on how a project is executed in an organization
  2. Requirement explanation
  3. Creating a Design Document as per corporate standers.
  4. Explanation on SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) in project life cycle.
  5. Implementation of basic database operations with inline SQL Statements.
  6. Converting inline SQL statements to stored procedure and explanation on how to use OOPs while developing any application.
  7. Implementation of a complete page with OOPS, Validation and all database operations to get familiarity in doing SQL operations with dot net code with corporate standards.
  8. Explanation on project architecture.
  9. Creating 3-Layer architecture.
  10. Creating a master page and implementation look and feel for the application.
  11. Implementation of application (complete project implementation based on project requirement document).
  12. Testing of application
  13. Preparation for interview.


Upon Registration we will send you details of course fee, course content and demo class meeting details.

Real Time Project Course Contents


Real Time Project Execution Course Content

Introduction to project

a. What is SDLC (ADITE)
b. Project requirement document explanation.
c. Project execution flow explanation."

Database design/ Data Model
a. Tables creation in SQL Server (incremental basis)
explanation on relation between tables based the project requirement.

Sample coding on Database operations using procedures (Insert, Update & Delete)

Same above Database operations using .Net class objects

Project Creation on VS2010 in different layers

a. Architecture explanation.
b. Explanation on different layers
c. Explanation on "need of different layers"

Explanation of ASP.NET master page and implementation.

Design & Implementation of "Agreement" tab.
a. Database table design.
b. Required Classes Creation in each layer
c. Coding for all operations.
All tabs/pages includes a, b, c operations

Design & Implementation of "Work" tab.

Design & Implementation of "Employees" tab.

Design & Implementation of "Approvers Selection" tab.

Design & Implementation of "Submission" tab.

Connecting all tabs and creating flow between all tabs

Agreement Reviewer

Business Reviewer approver

Lawyer Approver

Other Approver

Home Page creation with below items
a. list of agreements created by user.
b. list of agreements awaiting for approvals

Login Page for users and integration of login functionality.

Master page for users/approvers

Status Page

Implementation of "Registered Vendor" complete flow

Note: This flow is similar to above process and is just a kind of home work/Exercise, no sessions are required to implement this complete functionality. 3 sessions are to provide help only. These 3 sessions are may not consecutive and may have gap between each other.

Application Testing and bug fixing.



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