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Latest Articles
  1. Cloud Test Lab by Google

    Google has launched Cloud Test Lab. Developers and Testers can use this service free of cost.

  2. What makes a good tester?

    Nice article explaining attributes required for a Professional Tester, Soft Skills and Technical Skills

  3. Top 100 QA Blogs

    Collection of top 100 Software Testing blogs by

  4. Factors to choose Automated Testing?

    To choose or not to choose automated testing in most cases very difficulty. This article tries uncover the problems of this issue

  5. Rebuilding Your Agile QA Strategy and Plan

    This article explains you about what is QA strategy and QA Plan

  6. Why is software testing monotonous? Read the unspoken truth!

    How should be the attitude of a software tester toward his work? Check the conversation of a tester and a domain expertise in this matter.

  7. Why we don’t need waterfall approach in the software industry anymore?

    Checkout the methodologies used in the software industry to perform testing  earlier and in present times.

  8. The JIRA QA process

    This article will cover how the JIRA QA strategy has been implemented in different teams, the tools and the techniques.

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