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PRO IT Online Training offer free online training classes and placements for the students who wants to undergo placement under our payroll services. PRO IT Online Training provides online training for the student at free of cost and then offers placement in software consulting companies. The student has to work under payroll services.  
To become the best online training provider hub for IT courses.
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  • Decade of experience in IT development
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  • Expanding its operations in US, UK, Australia.
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    Surender is very professional and an excellent tutor. He uses the live examples that makes students to know better how to put the knowledge in to practice. He always interacts with his students and tries explain the subject matter.
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    Note: We don't provide any assurance or guarantee for the placement of any student. It totally depends on the performence of student at the time interview. We do have tie ups with many companies for placement services. Our past record shows we regularly places students as .Net developers, Java developers, Cognos professionals and QA professionals in various Software consulting companies

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