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  3. Get Started with ASP.Net AJAX Controls: An AJAX Dashboard
  4. How to migrate your ASP.NET web application to the Azure cloud

MVC4 Online Training Course Details:

Our MVC Online course objective is to get familiarize with ASP.NET MVC4 technologies. The MVC4 online training course is designed to understand the concepts and features of MVC coding, debugging and developing of web based applications.

MVC Online Course Details   Course Features
25 days
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MVC4 Course Contents


ASP.NET MVC4 Course Content

MVC Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Models, Views, Controllers
  • Database Migrations
  • Showing Data
  • Listing data
  • Creating data
  • Authorization
  • About Security
  • Deploying To The Cloud
  • Summary

Razor and ASP.NET MVC

  • Introduction
  • Razor's Goals
  • Creating A Simple View
  • Intermingling Code and Markup
  • Models and ViewData
  • HTML Helpers
  • Partial Views
  • Layout Views
  • Startup Code
  • Configuration
  • Summary

Controllers in ASP.NET MVC

  • Introduction
  • Global Action Filters
  • Caching Child Actions
  • The ViewBag
  • New Action Results
  • Request Validation
  • Summary

Models in ASP.NET MVC

  • Introduction
  • Validation in MVC
  • Data Annotations
  • Custom Validation Attributes
  • Self-validating models
  • Client validation
  • Custom client validation
  • Remote validation
  • Summary

NuGet Package Management

  • Introduction Package Management
  • Where Do They Come From?
  • Where Do They Go?
  • Package Dependencies
  • Bootstrapping
  • Powershell
  • Custom Packages
  • Summary

Dependency Resolution in ASP.NET MVC

  • Introduction
  • Dependency Resolution
  • Benefits
  • IDependencyResolver
  • Controller Injection
  • View Injection
  • Activators
  • Filter Extensibility
  • Model Related Extensiblity
  • Summary

Web Optimization with ASP.NET MVC

  • Introduction
  • The Scenario
  • Installing
  • Configuring Bundles
  • Virtual Paths and Relative References
  • Rendering Bundles
  • Big Bundle Summary


  • Introduction
  • Web Services
  • Getting started
  • Routing
  • Content Negotiation
  • Parameter Binding
  • Implementing GET
  • Showing Data
  • Implementing PUT
  • Implementing POST
  • Implementing DELETE
  • XML Client
  • Summary

Async Await in MVC 4

  • Introduction
  • Scalability
  • Task Parallel Library
  • Async Await
  • Async Controller
  • Async Action Async and Parallel
  • Async Timeouts
  • Async Exceptions
  • Async Testing
  • Summary


  • Introduction
  • Why AJAX?
  • Raw AJAX with MVC
  • Observations
  • AJAX Infrastructure
  • Managing Scripts
  • Preparing for AJAX
  • AJAX Helpers
  • AJAX Options
  • Partial Page Rendering
  • Error Handling
  • Beyond the Helpers
  • Auto-completion
  • Client Validation
  • Date Picker
  • JSON and MVC
  • WCF and MVC
  • Conclusion





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