What is LoadRunner?

LoadRunner is an automated performance and test automation tool/product which is used to test system behavior and performance when given actual load. LoadRunner supports platforms Microsoft Windows and Linux (Load
Generator).LoadRunner was developed by Mercury Interactive Corporation. On November 2006, it formally became part of HP. Now it is considered as HP Load Runner.

LoadRunner has mainly three components:

VuGen(Virtual User Generator): VuGen enables you to record variety of Vuser types. The primary tool for creating the Vuser scripts is VuGen.Vuser replicates the action of real users working on your application. In real time scenario only one user works on your system whereas you can create multiple users to access your application at the same time using this process to perform the test. .USR is the file extension.

Controller (License based component): This is the place where we generate and run the scenarios. Using controller we can control all the Vsers in the scenario from a single workstation. If the client is having multiple projects, they can setup multiple controllers with multiple licenses. .lrs is the file extension

Analysis: This component is used to view and analyze the result and create the reports and graphs to provide it to the client..lra is the file extension Load testing is one of the software testing methods used to test/examine the behavior of a system when subject to both normal as well as extreme expected load conditions. When the load placed on the system is raised beyond normal
usage level, in order to test the system’s response at peak or very high loads, it is known as stress testing. Load testing is a type of non-functional testing. Load testing is sometimes referred to as endurance or longevity testing because it is so durable.

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