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PRO It started offering job support services for all popular IT and software technologies. Many new software professionals face many technical challenges while coding for a project. Many working software developers face technical challenges when they shifted to new technologies. We help you out in such a situation. We support you in getting things learned along with resolving your technical difficulties.

We are offering Job Support Services for following technologies

  1. Selenium Job Support
  2. Java Online Job Support
  3. Dot NET Job Support
  4. QA and Manual Testing
  5. UFT Job Support
  6. ETL Testing
  7. DevOps Job Support
  8. AWS Online Job Support
  9. Salesforce Job Support
  10. Data Science Job Support
  11. PEGA Job Support
  12. Angular JS Development
  13. React JS Developement
  14. AndroidDevelopment
  15. Mobile TestingTech Support
  16. Workday Job Support

What is New in ASP.Net 5

ASP.NET 5 is the next version of ASP.NET 4.5.  Recently, Microsoft has announced some major developments. Microsoft has announced the open
sourcing of .NET, making Visual Studio to build cross platform applications and also announced about ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 and with the help of Visual Studio 2015, you can create modern web applications for all devices, including PCs, Tablets, Mobile smartphones and also work with any browser or operating system.

Scott Hunter talks more about ASP.NET 5 and Visual Studio 2015. Please visit the following link.

Why Pro IT?

Features of Online sessions at Pro It Online Training

  • We will offer individual attention through which you can grasp more from the classes.
  • Training sessions will be scheduled as per your convenience.
  • Training will be provided by the domain expert professional.
  • Regular feedback will be taken and accordingly, we will implement them to give you the best online learning experience.
  • Special Exercises and Assignments to make you self-confident on your course subject.
  • Affordable and decent Course fee.
  • We will provide technical assistance even after completion of the course.
  • 100% Job Assistance and Guidance.
  • Most importantly, we do provide the option of customized training in the area of your interest.

We understand that each person will have their own requirements to take up a course, we understand that first and accordingly along with your opinion we will provide you the training at your preferable time.

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What is Inheritance?

Inheritance is one of the features of Object Oriented Programming.

This feature allows emulating real world inheritance behavior. This is one of the best features to avoid reuse of the code and increase redundancy.

In the Java language, classes can be derived from other classes, thereby inheriting fields and methods from those classes.

“A class that is derived from another class is called a subclass (also a derived class, extended class, or child class). The class from which the subclass is derived is called a super class (also a base class or a parent class).”

Except Object, which has no superclass, every class has one and only one direct superclass (single inheritance). In the absence of any other explicit superclass, every class is implicitly a subclass of Object.

The idea of inheritance is simple yet powerful:

Let us take a Scenario:

When you want to create a new class and there is already a class that includes some of the code that you want (which is functionally same), you can derive your new class from the existing class. By doing this, you can reuse the fields
and methods of the existing class without having to write (and debug!) them yourself.

Here I have introduced you to one of the important feature used in Java.

For detailed explanation with example you can refer:

If you are interested in learning Java online with a real time expert and choose your profession as a Java developer, please register with us.

For more details about the course content, Visit :
Java Online Training Course

What is LoadRunner?

LoadRunner is an automated performance and test automation tool/product which is used to test system behavior and performance when given actual load. LoadRunner supports platforms Microsoft Windows and Linux (Load
Generator).LoadRunner was developed by Mercury Interactive Corporation. On November 2006, it formally became part of HP. Now it is considered as HP Load Runner.

LoadRunner has mainly three components:

VuGen(Virtual User Generator): VuGen enables you to record variety of Vuser types. The primary tool for creating the Vuser scripts is VuGen.Vuser replicates the action of real users working on your application. In real time scenario only one user works on your system whereas you can create multiple users to access your application at the same time using this process to perform the test. .USR is the file extension.

Controller (License based component): This is the place where we generate and run the scenarios. Using controller we can control all the Vsers in the scenario from a single workstation. If the client is having multiple projects, they can setup multiple controllers with multiple licenses. .lrs is the file extension

Analysis: This component is used to view and analyze the result and create the reports and graphs to provide it to the client..lra is the file extension Load testing is one of the software testing methods used to test/examine the behavior of a system when subject to both normal as well as extreme expected load conditions. When the load placed on the system is raised beyond normal
usage level, in order to test the system’s response at peak or very high loads, it is known as stress testing. Load testing is a type of non-functional testing. Load testing is sometimes referred to as endurance or longevity testing because it is so durable.

Want to learn more?

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.NET Online Training

ASP.NET is a much easier programming language used for web development and web services. Many companies are looking for the people having the
knowledge on.NET framework. The product life cycle is less comparatively if we use .NET and companies will prefer this more because of its easy coding and well improved features.

The pre-requisite for learning .NET is just having a basic knowledge in programming concepts. We, at Pro IT Online Training provide you the courses according to your requirement. We have the courses available for the beginners as well as the advanced learners.

We believe that each individual have their own requirement from the course, to understand and provide you better as per your requirement I request you to have a session with our technical trainer and discuss in detail.

For further details visit our .NET course webpage:
Online .NET Course

QA Online Training

Previously, even testing was performed by the  developers itself, as the demand for the quality of the product is increased and to avoid the
failures after the product is developed and manufactured, which can lead to great money loss as well as life loss in some cases. To overcome
it management has decided to perform testing from the scratch level. With this decision Software Testing has become a profession.

Quality Analyzer plays a vital role as there is no importance for the product without quality.  So testing the functionality and performance of the product has become vital in the product development life cycle. Testers are needed as
long as the products are developed.

The demand for the QA testers is huge and there are no specific pre-requisite for learning and pursuing a career in Software Testing. You need to have a strong determination and zeal to enter into software testing.

We are offering courses for Quality Assurance,  UFT online training, Selenium online course along with a real time project which will provide you a hands-on experience.

For course details:
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Java Online Training

Java, an object oriented programming language is opted by many professionals and enterprises as a leading programming language. Java is every where;  it is used by Google, Amazon, EBay, Linkedin etc… This clearly indicates that most of the programming is done in Java itself.

Also many of the companies are opting for employees who have the knowledge of Java. This is the reason that there is a demand for the
professionals working in the Java domain.

Pro IT Online Training is providing you the opportunity to build a career in such a platform where the career growth is huge. We also offer advanced Java courses for the professionals who are looking to upgrade their knowledge and try out for better career prospects.

Pro IT Online Training gives you the option to attend the online classes at your flexible time slot and learn from a real time professional. Course content can be restructured according to your requirements.

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Why Online courses…

In today’s busy schedule we are short of time and we are not able to allot time for activities which are important as well. To overcome this problem most of us are opting to perform our tasks online. One of the top most advantages of online is feasibility and time saving.

We, at Pro IT Online Training are offering courses online considering the fact that every second of your time is precious. Online courses will cut down your travelling time to reach the class; you can sit at your place and learn & upgrade your knowledge. This will provide you the option of increasing your career prospects.

Here are some of the courses we are offering online by real time domain experts

Java Online Training

.NET Online Training

Software Testing (QA) Online Training

QTP Online Training

Selenium Online Training

Cognos Online Training

SAP-SD Online Training

Hadoop Online Training

MSBI Online Training

UFT Online Training


We believe that each individual has their own requirements for joining the course whether it might be time, course content etc.

We appreciate you having a direct interaction with us regarding your requirements and we will be glad to assist you further..

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