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  1. Creating an HTML UI for Desktop .NET Applications
    There are many number of .NET applications built for desktop, and working great on desktop, but looking painfully archaic due to the UI, created with the good old Windows Forms or WPF. This detail, while often developers gives little importance to this, can be perceived as deadly sin by the design-savvy user audience.

  2. Announcement by ScottGu about the release of the Windows Azure SDK 2.1 for .NET
    This is an announcement by ScottGu about releasing of v2.1 update of the Windows Azure SDK for .NET. The new release is a major refresh of the Windows Azure SDK and it includes some great new features, enhancements and capabilities. The new capabilities include:...

  3. Everything about ASP.NET request queueing
    This article by LeanSentry shares the knowledge about figuring out the IIS / ASP.NET request queueing behavior so everyone can properly track down queued requests...

  4. ASP.NET MVC: From Webforms to MVC - Introduction
    Want to know what actually MVC is and where is it used? What changes does the ASP.NET MVC has made? A small intro about changing from webforms to MVC…

  5. How to choose ? .NET or Java
    Each platform has its pros and cons. Which programming language to choose? Which platform will be best and everlasting in JAVA and .NET? Read this article and put an end to your confusion about which one to choose – JAVA or .NET?

  6. Get Started with ASP.Net AJAX Controls: An AJAX Dashboard
    Check out how to create Ajax Dashboard using ASP.NET AJAX controllers. Create a small web application of Room Scheduler which will be useful to view the room availability and full details of the current guest on a hotel. Here is the web link which will guide you through this task:

  7. Uploading a Variable Number of Files from an ASP.NET Web Page
    Check out one of the simple way to provide the option of Uploading Variable number of files from a ASP.NET webpage

  8. How to migrate your ASP.NETweb application to the Azure cloud
    This article demonstrate you how to migrate your ASP.NET site to the Azure cloud

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